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Assisted Daily Living

Hilltop Garden’s Retirement Village is about you living independently and enjoying your retirement. As time progresses and some tasks become less easy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to continue living independently in your new home.

Hilltop Garden’s offers residents the opportunity to live as they wish with the assurance that professional help is at hand, should you ever need it.

You will have access to the fully qualified, trained, dedicated on-site domiciliary care services and support should you require any care or assistance in the future.


At Hilltop Gardens you are an individual. Your support is, should you need it, customised and specific to your needs and lifestyle preference whilst being kept in the strictest of confidence.

Hilltop Gardens offers a full range of personal, reliable, health and wellness services to ensure that your lifestyle is healthy, active and enjoyable. Whether you are aspiring to improve your health, maintain your current active lifestyle, or simply pamper yourself by taking advantage of the range of services, the discreet and professional staff will help develop the ideal plan for you.

domestic chores

Domestic Chores

  • Help with domestic tasks such as but not limited to cooking, cleaning and ironing.
personal care

Personal Care

  • Assistance with personal care such as but not limited to bathing, eating, grooming, hair care, getting in/out of bed and wardrobe co-ordination.

Personal Shopper

  • Someone to accompany you on shopping trips.
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In-Home Care

  • Support with full time live in, sleep in or night care or simply holiday cover.

Personal Assistant

  • Someone to accompany you to appointments or social activities.

Pharmaceutical Support

  • Organisation of your prescriptions, collection of your medication, or reminders of when to take medication can all be arranged.
clinical support

Clinical Support

  • Access to on-site 24 hr GP.
  • Dedicated range of clinical and allied health services offering personalised, individual care.
  • Option to choose your own medical and allied health professionals.

Simblija Care Home

  • Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village will cater for any of your needs or wants. All of the domiciliary care team services can be tailored just for you.

Hilltop Gardens Concierge Services

Hilltop Garden’s dedicated team of professionals are committed to assist you with any request or requirement you may have. Take a break from the mundane tasks of life. Your housekeeping, porter and laundry services can be completely taken care of freeing up more of your time to do the things that you enjoy.


Hilltop Gardens Maintenance Team

Hilltop Garden’s personal maintenance team has been entrusted to care for all the maintenance of the entire retirement village, including all communal areas, at an affordable service charge. In addition, a personal maintenance service is available should you require it.

During your relocation to Hilltop Gardens the maintenance team will handle your professional service movers to ensure that you’re most treasured possessions, furniture and personal belongs are taken well care of.


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