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Independent Living

A Lifestyle Choice

At Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village you have the possibility to enjoy the best years of your life. By choosing one of Hilltop Gardens luxury, yet affordable apartments and penthouses you will have access to care and support your retirement years truly deserve, tailored for you, whatever they may be.

Hilltop is designed to make your life as simple and enjoyable as possible. With only the best safety technology available for your property, optional, wearable, health safety devices and care systems installed in all the communal areas, your comfort and safety is an utmost priority.

Hilltop Gardens is vibrant, friendly, active and caring. The entire Retirement Village has been designed with every last detail in mind to ensure that you can live life to the full, in the privacy of your own home, safe with the peace of mind that security and care is always available.


Live Life to the Full

Hilltop Gardens places you at the very heart of its community by the very nature of its design, layout, functionality, services and facilities. All amenities you may require in everyday life can be found within the Retirement Village itself or within close proximity of your new home.

Surround yourself with beauty РMalta’s climate lends itself for you to spend time outdoors. Hilltop Gardens offer, beautifully landscaped vast open spaces right outside your doorstep. Enjoy a stroll down the purposely designed walk-ways, admire the various gardens or simply take some time to peacefully relax under the shade of the gazebos in the various public and recreational areas.

There is so much to enjoy at Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village. A myriad of facilities, as well as multidisciplinary, ancillary, support and five star hotel services, create an unrivalled environment specifically designed for modern retirement living. Hilltop Gardens gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want and offers a range of vibrant spaces to entertain family and friends of all ages.


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