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15 Sep 2019

As an events coordinator I cannot stress this enough. The place, the setting, the lighting, is what can make or break an event.

One of my favorite spaces at Hilltop gardens, which I had the pleasure of promoting and organizing events in – is The Library. A place full of an array of shelves full of books, old photography, art and majestic and comfortable seating – a setting which inspires you and makes you reflect. It’s also a place which is intimate and warm.

On entering, you can almost expect people sitting there comfortably, sipping their afternoon tea, whilst reading a book or newspaper. You will know what I mean as soon as you enter it. I love to offer this space as one of our venues as it is completely different to what regular venues normally offer.

Often, here, we organize team building sessions, because it is a perfect location where people can brainstorm and think outside of the box. The tranquil, particular setting, makes you wonder and be creative. It is ideal for a management team of a few members looking for a unique, intimate environment, one which is relaxing and informal. All this can be offered in the Library.

We also use the Library to organize movie nights. So if your organisation or team need to relax and unwind, they can choose to watch a movie of their liking, order popcorn and drinks, whilst enjoying a private movie night, surrounded by books and art.

If all I have said has not enticed you enough, check out the photos below.

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Kimberly Agius Cutajar – Events Coordinator

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