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Development Site Update

30 Jun 2015

The Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village consists of three (3) main buildings:

Block A which will house a 200 bedded Simblija Care Home

Block B & C which shall cater for the independent living apartments. It must be noted that Blocks B & C have been split to into different sections for the construction phase and are referred to as B1/B2 and C1/C2.


All three buildings have been designed with a concrete structure (columns, slabs and block work walls) and aerated concrete blocks used on the façade to provide additional insulation.

The works started late 2013 with the clearing out of the AX Construction yard, which occupied the land prior to commencement of the Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village works.

Excavation started early 2014 and took 6 to 8 weeks to be completed with over 35,000 tons of material exported from site.


In March/April 2014 the civil works commenced with the first pours of concrete for the foundations and the construction of the first columns. We have now more than 200 columns on site.

From a logistics point of view, it must be noted that the site has 3 tower cranes with the highest peaking at 55m above the ground, an average work force of 50-70 workers per day, working for 6-10 different contractors and over 50 deliveries per day.


At the moment the progress of the civil works (structural works only, not finishes) on the three blocks have reached the following levels:

  • Block A has now reached the roof on the 2nd floor
  • Block B2 has now reached the 2nd floor
  • Block C2 is now complete including the penthouse
  • Block C1 and B1 are completed till 1st floor


The infrastructure works have started in October 2014 for all the buried services and will be completed early 2015.

A 140m long tunnel is currently being excavated to store all the storm water recuperated on the footprint of the project. This water shall then be re-used for toilets, gardening and other purposes (second-class water).

Works on the showroom apartment and sales office started in October 2014, and are closing in to completion by mid-November 2014. Working and completing the sample apartments give us the perfect opportunity to review every detail and fine-tune the sequence of works so as to ensure that the desired standard is reached and the expectations of our potential clients are met.

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