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06 Sep 2016


Hilltop Gardens has proudly launched THE GOBLET WINE CLUB. Wine Endearment Sessions will be offered to residents of the Hilltop Gardens village as well as to their families and friends.

Hosted by wine connoisseur Josef Bonello, the first session will offer an introduction to wine discussing origin, culture, importance, factors influencing quality and basic wine-making. The second session will delve into the key features of wine including terroir, balance, age, tannins and storage, amongst other factors. The third session will go into topics like cork vs screw-caps, effect of oak, different types of oak, wine storage and decanting. The fourth session – the last one for the month of September will discuss new world wines vs old world, basic legislation and styles of a number of countries, and Maltese wines. All sessions are followed by a wine tasting session of three different wines.

The launch took place at The Lounge within Hilltop Gardens – an area that offers a superb space designed to sooth the senses.

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