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New Class : CHICreativity

26 Oct 2016

Yesterday, residents and visitors at Hilltop Gardens where introduced to CHICreativity – a new concept of Ms. Jeannette Fiott, a fully qualified Art Therapist, whereby, the ambience is created to engage those attending in expressing themselves through the creative visual arts, by creating and sharing their artworks with other participants. The visual arts such as painting and photography are used as a means of self-expression through which one finds inner freedom, a sense of knowing who the person is, and emitting a feeling of being free in the moment, in touch with both the authentic inner self and the outer natural, built and societal environment. A balancing of what is inside which then finds harmony with the outer world. The workshops take place every Monday.

Call now to book your spot – 2235 1030 | 2235 1000 | 7900 5060

1 session – €18 | 5 sessions -€75

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